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The stainless steel tube price has stabilized. Can it rise or not in October?

September 27th

Nickel today strong shocks, opened in early trading after quickly pull up, hit a rapid decline after 10525, but after the overall price fluctuated upward trend, the Asian city after the closing operation in the vicinity of 10560 points. To boost the upward shocks in the price of nickel, stainless steel price from passive to counterattack, the market price began to rebound to pull up.

Sheet roll/stainless steel strip price began to rebound, stainless steel has yet to raise up price. Yesterday decorative tube price was fall down, today it price hold the flat. Among them, the tube factory 201 decorative tube price is 10600-11600 Yuan/ton, 304 decorative tube price is 16700-17700 Yuan/ton.

Nickel price from falling price to rising price, the market has been rebound in prices. There are a few days left in October. Don’t know the rise price of the tube?

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