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Round steel price fall down 14000 again!

September 25th

Nickel today concussion walk low, opened in early trading after the shock weakening. After touching 10580 in the intraday, it quickly pulled up, reaching 10655 in the day, but then quickly plunged, touching 10465 at a time near 10 point, and then surrounding the whole around 10540.

Nickel price continued to fall, while the round steel has dropped to 14000 today! Today Tsingshan price is flat, Tsingshan 304 round steel price is 14000 Yuan/ton, 316 round steel is no price. Tsingshan price is flat, but Wuxi market price is falling down, today there are businesses price 304 round steel fall down 500, price is 16000 Yuan/ton, 312 round steel price is 22500 Yuan/ton.

Round steel price fall down, the market clinch a deal but generally the trader is to eh market continuously bears, the whole market presents the cold situation, the traditional “gold nine silver ten” the law does not have a great effect.

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